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Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • 拜倒 — bàidǎo [prostrate oneself; fall on one s knees; grovel] 恭敬地跪下礼拜, 比喻崇拜或屈服 拜倒石榴裙下 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 拜倒辕门 — bàidǎo yuánmén [grovel (fall on one s knee, prostrate oneself) before the outer gate of a government office in ancient times] 辕门, 这里指军营的门。 形容佩服到极点, 自愿认输 如风头不佳, 不能取胜, 那时再拜倒辕门也不为迟。 《镜花缘》 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 拜祷 — bàidǎo [pray] 祈求; 祈祷 对天拜祷 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 白道 — I báidào [lunar orbit; moon s path] 指月球绕地球运行的轨道面与天球相交的大圆 II báidào [righteous outlaws] 江湖上称正派人为白道, 邪派人为黑道 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • Wuchuan County — Infobox Settlement name =Wuchuan County official name = other name = native name = nickname = settlement type =County total type = motto = translit lang1=Chinese translit lang1 type=Simplified Chinese translit lang1 info=武川县 translit lang1… …   Wikipedia

  • Battle of Baidoa — Infobox Military Conflict conflict=Battle of Baidoa partof=the War in Somalia (2006–present) date=December 20, 2006 ndash;December 26, 2006 place=Bay, Somalia caption=TFG forces patrol Burhakaba after ICU retreat. result=Decisive Ethiopian/TFG… …   Wikipedia

  • Li Shiji — (李世勣) (594The Book of Tang indicated that Li Shiji was 75 at the time of his death, while the New Book of Tang indicated that Li Shiji was 85 at the time of his death. Compare Book of Tang , vol. 67 [http://ef.cdpa.nsysu.edu.tw/ccw/02/tan08.htm]… …   Wikipedia

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